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Bovbjerg Camping
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Bovbjerg Camping
Juelsgårdvej 13
7620 Lemvig
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Open: 12.03. - 24.10.
LON 8° 7‘ 32.2320'
LAT 56° 31‘ 41.1240'


BOVBJERG CAMPING is located just north of the small village Ferring, which is situated right on the edge of the cliffs, overlooking the North Sea. Here you will also find the summer residence of the late artist Jens Søndergaard, which is now made into a gallery/museum. Being from the 11th century, Ferring church is one of the oldest churches in Denmark. It is well known because of its very well preserved chalk paintings and because of the small white fences on the churchyard build for giving shelter from the heavy wind.


South of the village stands BOVBJERG light tower, which is built in 1877. Just beside it a well-preserved grave-mound can be found. A short distance from here "MD food" (the largest Danish dairy company) has established a cheese storage because of the extremely clean and pure air in the area,



If you feel like exploring the area in more depth, whether it is by car or by bicycle, we have plenty of routes to recommend. E.g. we suggest to go to the big forest "Klosterheden" where there is a good possibility to find edible mushrooms. In Thyboroen you can see the interesting "Sneglehus" (A house completely covered/decorated with snail shells). Also a mini geological museum can be found in Ferring and a large number of craftsmen are living in Ferring and the outskirts - including an amber grinder.

In Thyboroen you can also find the "Thyboroen-Stronghold", an impressing bunker-museum, and the "Jyllands-Aquarium" where it is possible to pet the fishes. You can also go to Boevlingbjerg to see how horns of oxen are made into teaspoons.
In the region of Bovbjerg it is also possible to experiece "Rome, Paris and Victoria Street Station during one afternoon, or you can see the now protected "Dike of Ramme" which is a defensive rampart from the years 600-1000.


If you are interested in shopping, we recommend Lemvig, which is a traditional Danish trade- and coastal fishing village. The center of Lemvig has pedestrian streets and many small shops worth visiting. Located in the center of Lemvig you can also see the old church, which is interesting because of its onion dome.

Other things to see in Lemvig is the harbor, a "Native Soil Museum", a Maritime Museum, a museum for religious art, an exiting hill-way, bowling, tennis, an eighteen-hole golf course, and finely it is in Lemvig you can fine the unique "Planet Path", a path where you can experience the greatness of our planetary system in the measurement 1 : 1 bilion.

Sights worth driving for:

* Summer-land West
* The Moor of Hjerl
* The Water-Land in Skive and
* in Holstebro
* The Wreck-Museum of St. George
* The Manor of Noerre Vosborg
* The Mill- and Tile-Museum in Skaerum

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