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Bovbjerg Camping
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Bovbjerg Camping
Juelsgårdvej 13
7620 Lemvig
Phone +4529882231
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Open: 12.03. - 24.10.
LON 8° 7‘ 32.2320'
LAT 56° 31‘ 41.1240'

Camp Information


Even though BOVBJERG CAMPING is so close to the North Sea, with the occasionally heavy wind, you will experience a green and vigorous camping site. Shelter is made of willow and dog roses, and in the spring thousands of daffodils will be in flower thanks to the fertile soil.


The Danish natural pedestrian route "The Marguerite-Route" passes in front of the campsite. Many bicyclists are exploiting this beautiful route on the way to BOVBJERG CAMPING. For the cyclists there is a highly attractive and cozy tent-area with benches and tables close to the toilet facilities. Additionally there is a modern kitchen and a TV-room available.

At our popular pool-area there are tables, chairs and deck chairs where you can relax, have a pleasant time, and enjoy the sun when not bathing. Our pool is heated by a solar heating system.

What is more pleasant than sitting in the caravan enjoying the view over the roaring North Sea, or to go for a walk while inhaling the cleanest air in North Europe.

That is a real North Sea Experience!!!


Even though we have now got the possibilities for expanding the camping site, the site is still one of the smaller camping sites in Denmark. We will in the future offer our guests even more activities and room but our focus is still on a having a well-kept and intimate site where peace and quite is emphasized. We have no discotheques and only the noise of the sea. We offer orderly conditions combined with personal contact to our guests.


On BOVBJERG CAMPING it is also possible to rent bungalows with room for 4 or 6 persons. The bungalows for 6 persons are modern, top-isolated and with a covered verandah and hot and cold running water. In all the bungalows you will find what you need for enjoying a vacation at the North Sea. Only bed-covers have to be brought, but they can be rented.

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